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Frequently Asked Questions about NRAS?

FAQ about NRAS?
The NRAS program (National Rental Affordability Scheme) is designed to stimulate the building of rental homes in growth areas to satisfy a high demand for reasonably priced rental property by middle income Australian families. In this FAQ or frequently asked questions, we explain the facts and dispel any misunderstandings.
Q: Can anyone invest in NRAS properties?
A: Yes. NRAS is designed to be attractive to the Australian property investor, subject of course to being able to get finance. You should discuss any the suitability of any investment with an advisor, taking into consideration your equity and income, before you make a committment. Access Commercial Transactions can guide to a suitable expert if you do not have anyone to refer to.
Q: Is NRAS just another name for privately funded housing commission properties?
A: No. It is important to distinguish this program from the Federal Government "Social Housing Program". This is NOT part of that program and attracts totally different tenants. The National Rental Affordability Scheme is designed to address the housing affordability crisis by increasing the supply of private rental housing. A couple with three children can earn $100,000 pa and still qualify to rent.
Q: Are the NRAS scheme incentives tax free?
A: Yes. The incentives are paid as a refundable tax offset. That means if you pay less tax than the offset amount you receive it as a refund.
Q: What happens when the investor lodges their tax return?
A: When the property owner lodges their tax return the incentive is used as a tax offset. This can reduce the overall tax payable or can be received as cash refund if there is no tax debt for the year.
Q: Does the Australian Government back the incentive?
A: Yes - The Aust. Government is committed to paying the annual NRAS incentive for approved dwellings.
Q: Who determines the 20% discount rental rate?
A: Independent registered and qualified valuers. They determine what the market rent is for years 1, 4 and 7. A 'desk top' valuation is used for the other years.
Q: Can I sell my NRAS property or remove it from the Scheme and rent it at market rates?
A: Yes
Q: Can I buy more than one property?
A: Yes, we can help you with a strategy if you would like to do so.
Q: Can I sell the property at any time?
A: Yes and the NRAS entitlements goes with the property on what time is left of the 10 years.
Q: When do the NRAS incentives begin?
A: When the tenant moves in and is pro-rated for the remainder of the period until 30 April.
Q: What happens at the end of the 10 years?
A: You can sell or keep the property and the market rent returns to the normal rent.
Q: Where can I find out more?
A: Watch the video webinar at NRAS webinar page and contact us using the form for information that is specific to your circumstances.
NRAS - How to find out more

How to find out more...

Whether you want a quick overview or an in depth insight, we've got you covered.
Simply login to the webinar and listen to how NRAS property investment can provide negative geared tax advantaged property, with many providing positive cashflow.
These forms of opportunities come around rarely.
Positive Cashflow, Negative Geared.
Digest the information in your own time, at your leisure when it suits you. But once you realise just how much you like what you hear and it all makes sense - Act fast.
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NRAS housing's, FAQ pages, answers the most frequently asked questions about social impact investing in national rental affordability scheme certified real estate. The FAQ may have minor variations betweene the states of New South Wales (NSW), Queensland (QLD), Western Australia (WA) and South Australia (SA). Contact us about individual nras development projects or find nras properties under nras new south wales,nras queensland,nras western australia,nras south australia, all within the NRAS Housing website.