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The National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS) is a long term commitment by the Australian Government to invest in affordable rental housing. Affordable Housing in the context of NRAS is a term that describes the sector between social housing and full priced rental accommodation.
The Australian Government has committed $1 billion to the Scheme over four years (commenced 1 July 2008) to stimulate construction of up to 50,000 high quality homes and apartments, providing affordable private rental properties for Australians and their families.
It is worth noting that the USA successfully implemented a similar program in the 1980s, resulting in over 1.5 million homes being built and US$5 billion in tax credits being paid annually.
The Australian NRAS Scheme seeks to address the shortage of affordable rental housing by offering tax free financial incentives to property investors who build and then rent dwellings to low and moderate income households at 20 per cent below market rates.
The NRAS program (National Rental Affordability Scheme) is Federal Government initiative to accelerate the building of rental homes in growth areas to satisfy increasing demand for reasonably priced rental property.
To operate efficiently and effectively, people need to affordably live in close proximity to the areas they work. In general terms this means that rent should not represent more than 30% of their household income.
The NRAS incentive is available to nearly all types of property from houses, apartments, units through villas and town houses.
NRAS dwellings are no different to what was already due to be delivered into the market by the commercial developer. The Government in its assessment criteria guidelines insures this happens. NRAS endorsed property ensures a standard is met and will provide you a better return.
NRAS properties must meet strict guidelines. Being close to transport, schools, shops and facilities make NRAS properties desirable for tenants and as a result for property investors.
There are also specified guidelines for the management of NRAS properties. The manager of any NRAS development is reponsible for ensuring that tenants meet the income criteria and that bi-annually they are reviewed against the criteria.
The NRAS scheme is funded for up to 50,000 dwellings but only a percentage are available for private property investors.
The key focus for tenants is the key workers in our communities such as nurses, teachers, police officers, fire fighters, ambulance operators and other contributing members.
NRAS stands for National Rental Affordability Scheme.
The NRAS scheme is a Federal and State Government backed incentive designed to:
  • encourage investors to buy new additional houses destined for the rental market.
  • provide an affordable rent program for average Australian wage earners as individuals, couples and families. It is not social housing .
  • yield higher than usual returns for investors in the residential property market through significant tax incentives.
  • increase the number of rental dwellings built through the stimulation of demand and investment.
  • The government aims to achieve this by providing a tax incentive for investors in NRAS properties in return for the properties being rented at a discounted rate. The NRAS scheme is not housing commission or social housing.
    NRAS properties are rented to private individuals and families with incomes of up to $104,913 pa. (And even higher upper limits see the government NRAS documentation)
    If you are interested in building a portfolio of secure property then now is the time to move. All investments will be built and tenanted by 30 June 2016 and the advantage is secure a property today and the owners of NRAS Properties will continue to get the tax incentives for ten years from completion and tenancy of the property commencing at the then indexed amount.
    NRAS Housing Webinar

    How to find out more...

    Simply login to the webinar and listen to how NRAS property investment can provide you with positive cashflow on a negative geared tax advantaged property.
    These incredibly rewarding opportunities present themselves infrequently. So act quickly only a percentage are available for private property investors.
    Further reason to act now:The Queensland Government is providing further incentive by way of a Boost Grant of $10,000 cash. This needs to be taken up before January 31 2012 on eligible properties.
    Positive Cashflow, Negative Geared.Digest the information in your own time, at your leisure when it suits you. But once you realise just how much you like what you hear and it all makes sense - Act fast.
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